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may be naturally evolved; and thus you will see at once how learning has become the chief part of our religion. You are slow to acknowledge the great value of your purely secular education as a moral agent, because of its disturbance recently with your cherished traditions; but this reason, great as it is, is supplemented with another one, which fully accounts for the earnest opposition of your ecc


lesiastics. So long as the learning of your schools was mixed up with creed influence and teachings, it wa

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s virtually a part of the church, and in harmony with it, but on a separation of the two, they became en

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emies by a well known social law; your churches with their avowed[Pg 125] purpose of improving your morals, an

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d your secular schools, while in the performance of their duties, occupying the same competing field. You may easily imagine that, with the religious impulse added, we have carried our education a good deal further than you. We consider the proposition unjust, that learning should only be b

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estowed in accordance with the occupation or station in life. Your planet has always been beset with the evil of social classes, which only increases with the advance of your civilization. You can never rid yourselves of this fruitful source of disturbance except by our method, which, as a matter of public

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